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Officer Radio 11/3/11: Firearms Training Off The Square Range

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Join us this week as host Frank Borelli is joined by two guests to discuss Firearms Training and what we should be doing different on or in addition to the square range. Frank’s guests are Mr. Paul Markel; Marine, police veteran, nationally known trainer and host of the television show “Student of the Gun.” Frank’s second guest is Mr. Jason Stoddard, veteran law enforcement professional, veteran trainer and owner/president of the Warrior Training Group. Frank himself is a veteran firearms instructor with about fifteen years of experience in that venue and he’ll lead the discussion about the challenges facing today’s trainers and officers as they try to build the skills necessary to meet contemporary law enforcement challenges.

As always, listeners are invited to call in live by dialing 866-404-6519 during the show. So be sure to tune in Thursday, Nov. 3, at 1p.m. EST, and join us in our discussion about how to improve firearms training – both on and off the square range.