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Officer Radio 10/20/11: Halloween Safety & Special Projects

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Join Editor, Frank Borelli, and his special guest, Steve Forgues, this week on Officer Radio as they discuss Halloween and some of the concerns that revolve around this fun holiday. From making sure your children's candy is safe, to trick-or-treating safely, to preventing fire hazards from lit pumpkins, Halloween does have some potential safety concerns that need to be addressed properly. Officer Steve Forgues is both a veteran police officer and a veteran firefighter so he brings both outlooks to the table. Frank & Steve will discuss the safety issues and some ways to address them as well as some special patrol tactics and unique projects that various police agencies use to increase visibilty in an attempt to keep down some of the impact of pranksters. Be sure to tune in Thursday, October 20th, at 1pm eastern. If you have a comment to share, you can call in during the show at 866-404-6519. Officer Radio on