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Officer Radio 10/6/11: Women in Law Enforcement

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Join Editor Frank Borelli and his guests this week as they discuss the growing presence of women in law enforcement. Now comprising approximately 15-20% of law enforcement professionals, it's no secret that women had to fight their way into the profession. Today we see women performing all aspects of "the job" from Chief of Police to full time SWAT members. Join us as we discuss that evolution and the on-going efforts to recognize the value and sacrifices of women in law enforcement. Our guests on Thursday's show will be Sgt. Betsy-Brantner Smith (ret), well known speaker and author on all things "women in law enforcement related", Ms. Karen Bartuch, President of the Women's Tactical Association, and Mr. Craig Floyd to talk about the women who have made the ultimate sacrifice and are honored on the walls at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.