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Officer Radio 9/29/11: Trends in Patrol Vehicles

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With about thirty years of law enforcement work to base the conversation on, Editor and Officer Radio show host Frank Borelli will lead his guests through a discussion about patrol vehicles. What did they use to be? We're sure our readership / listeners can remember some of the older models and some of the accompanying old emergency equipment. What have the patrol vehicles grown into? Perhaps more interestingly, what will they become? From the single-dome hand-crank-siren equipped heavy sedans of the past to the lighter, faster, better lit and certainly louder vehicles of today to the floating / flying motorcycles and cars of the future, Officer Radio on September 29th will focus on one of the most important - and perhaps most dangerous - tools a law enforcement professional uses: patrol vehicles. Tune in live and join the conversation at 1-866-404-6519. Thursday, September 29th, 1 pm eastern, Officer Radio on