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Less-lethal tools with Kevin Sailor

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A less-lethal specialist out of Colorado, Sgt. Kevin Sailor discusses less-lethal tool use in today’s police force, and offers his opinion on whether conductive energy devices are too simple a solution for compliance.

He offers what his 28-year experience at the Westminster Police Department has provided; adds his expertise on Taser use; and his thoughts on the American Civil Liberty Union and Amnesty International CED disapproval. Sailor also references Pete Davies’ book on the news media bias (Taser: Why the Media Hates & Fears It, Adna Press, 2005); and details a dramatic incident involving a suicidal 13-year-old girl and the result of less-lethal tool intervention.

In addition to Sailor’s 28 years on the Westminster force, he was a law enforcement specialist in the U.S. Air Force for four years; is a senior master instructor for Taser International; and operates a consulting business as an expert witness on Tasers.