Government Grants with Domingo Herraiz of Motorola

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Amid the confusion of the grants available for law enforcement, Domingo Herraiz of Motorola offers a silver lining.

Motorola Inc. has named Domingo Herraiz, a former Department of Justice (DOJ) funding and policy expert, to direct the company’s Government and Enterprise Funding Programs as customers and partners seek funds from the U.S. stimulus package.

Harraiz has more than 23 years of government and public safety experience in dealing with local, state and federal policies. He served as the U.S. Senate-confirmed director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, leading the DOJ’s largest funding and policy unit for state, local and tribal criminal justice issues.

He joins Jonathan Kozlowski, one of the editors of Law Enforcement Technology and Law Enforcement Product News, in discussing his interests in grants and talking about his intentions to affect government-provided grants.

Motorola offers grant assistance at their Web site