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CCJA Quickfire Recap: Third Week of August

It can be hard to keep up with all of the news that occurs on a daily basis.

Because of this, and the Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy present the "Quickfire Weekly Recap."

Here are some of the stories you may have missed that ran on our site this week:

Weekend (Aug. 15-17)

Over the course of a week, the head of the Ferguson, Mo. Police Department ceded much of his authority -- first to county police and then to state troopers.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson has been the face of the agency amid violent protests over a white police officer's alleged killing of an unarmed black man.

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy remained in critical condition Sunday morning after being assaulted by a domestic-disturbance suspect at a shopping mall Friday night.

Frankie Estrada was booked on suspicion of attempted murder of a peace officer following the attack of the deputy at Lakewood Center Mall.

An Oakland, Calif. police officer was hospitalized Friday after being assaulted during a protest over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in Ferguson.

Officials say that several protesters assaulted the officer while he attempted to make an arrest.

A 22-year-old woman was arrested early Saturday morning after she allegedly stole a San Diego police cruiser and led authorities on a high-speed pursuit.

Felicitas Flores was charged with drunk driving, grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest and vandalism.

Monday (Aug. 18)

A jury convicted a man for shooting and paralyzing a Pittsburgh police officer last spring.

James Robert Hill faces 58 to 116 years in prison in the April 11, 2013 shooting of Officer Morgan Jenkins.

Two Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C. police officers and a 10-year-old girl were recovering after being shot by a man Sunday afternoon.

Officials say that Brandon Jamorris Brewer shot the girl before he opened fire on officers, wounding Kevin Stafford and Eric Bojaj. Both of the officers and the girl were reported in good condition.

Missouri's governor ordered the National Guard to Ferguson to held curd violent protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Gov. Jay Nixon said the National Guard would help "in restoring peace and order" to the city, where protests over the killing of Michael Brown by a white police officer entered their second week.

Federal officials are reconsidering a program that sends military equipment to police departments across the country following the violence in Ferguson.

Attorney General Eric Holder said that when police need to restore calm, he is concerned the deployment of military equipment and vehicles sends a conflicting message.

Tuesday (Aug. 19)

While federal officials are worried about the militarization of local law enforcement agencies, LAPD officials are crediting military-grade equipment for saving officers' lives.

A dramatic pursuit ended when a man in the vehicle being chased opened fire with a high-powered rifle at a SWAT team that was protected by a BearCat armored vehicle.

Despite improvements in the New Orleans Police Department post-Katrina, the person chosen to replace its outgoing chief will have plenty challenges ahead.

Ppolice Chief Ronal Serpas, who took over the department in 2010, announced his retirement at a news conference alongside Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Police have arrested two people in connection with an assault on a Philadelphia Parks and Recreation ranger.

Officials said a 19-year-old and 17-year-old were taken into custody for the attack on the officer at Love Park on Friday.

Police in South Pasadena, Calif. uncovered a mass-shooting plot at a local high school.

Two students on suspicion of planning to "kill three staff members and as many students as possible with firearms" at South Pasadena High School.

Wednesday (Aug. 20)

Support is growing for a Ferguson, Mo. police officer accused in the shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old black male.

An online fundraising drive for Officer Darren Wilson has drawn more than $77,000 in donations.

The death penalty is being sought against a man charged with murder in the killing of an Indianapolis police officer during a shootout last month.

Major Davis Jr. has been accused in the July 5 death of Police Officer Perry Renn, who was fatally shot with an assault rifle.

About two dozen heavily armed law enforcement officers stormed a home in Harvey, Ill. to rescue hostages during a standoff.

In all, four children and two adults were brought to safety and two suspects were in custody following the standoff that lasted more than 20 hours.

Investigators in Michigan say a man killed his father, fatally wounded a camper and then turned the gun on himself.

Officials say that Zachary Levi Brimhall was firing his weapon as he drove by an Oregon beach parking lot, killing the camper.

Thursday (Aug. 21)

While at least four other unarmed black males were killed by police in different parts of the country in recent months, the death of a man in Ferguson, Mo. triggered violent riots spanning almost two weeks.

Observers say the response to Michael Brown's death turned violent because of a convergence of factors, including the stark nature of the killing in broad daylight, an aggressive police response to protests and a mainly black city being run by white officials.

Fourteen former Mexican federal police officers have gone on trial on charges of using excessive force in a 2012 shooting attack that wounded two CIA agents.

Mexico's National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said there was no evidence the police officers had acted on orders from an organized crime gang, saying the attack on the diplomatic vehicle was a case of mistaken identity.

Border agents discovered nine immigrants who were locked inside the cargo area of a rental truck near a checkpoint in southern Arizona.

Federal officials say the case highlights the dangers of human smuggling.

A California Highway Patrol officer who was videotaped repeatedly striking a woman on the side of a Los Angeles freeway could face serious charges.

Officer Daniel Andrew, who was put on a desk assignment after the incident, has been removed from duty and put on paid administrative leave.

Friday (Aug. 22)

While unrest in Ferguson since Michael Brown's death has resulted in 163 arrests, only a few of those people reside in the city.

Police officials said that although the majority of those arrested are Missourians, just seven live in the St. Louis suburb where the shooting occurred.

St. Louis' top cop went to an extreme this week to provide details in the killing of a man by two of his officers.

Police Chief Sam Dotson took the unusual steps of releasing 911 audio and surveillance, and cell phone video that show the shooting.

The family of a Virginia State Police trooper who was slain 30 years ago is hoping that new technology can help lead to his killer.

Trooper Johnny Bowman was stabbed more than 40 times after he answered the door to his home on August 19, 1984.