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California Police Officer Saves Choking Baby

A Fresno police officer saved a choking toddler in central Fresno on Saturday night.

Motorcycle officer Roland Rendon was on patrol when a radio call for a baby choking in the 1200 block of North Millbrook Avenue, north of Olive Avenue, was broadcast at 8:27 p.m.

Rendon was nearby and responded to the house less than a minute later, the police department said.

When Rendon arrived, the parents were holding their unconscious 1-year-old on the sidewalk waiting for help.

Rendon did a finger sweep of the toddler's mouth and could feel an object lodged deep in his throat, the department said. He performed back blows, but the object did not come out. Rendon did a second finger sweep and could tell the object had moved. Two more back blows forced the round piece of hard candy to come flying out. The toddler then began crying and breathing on his own, the department said.

American Ambulance arrived shortly after and checked the 1-year-old. Rendon gave the boy a junior police sticky badge for being brave.

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