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N.J. PD Weighs Kennel Changes After K-9 Dies

The Glassboro Police Department is considering ways to improve the security of its kennels after the death of a police dog earlier this month.

Officials say that K-9 Anka was hit by a car on July 4 after she forced her way out of her cage in her handler's backyard after being spooked by the sound of illegal fireworks, according to The South Jersey Times.

The driver of the car that hit Anka fled the scene, and the K-9 died of her injuries after police rushed her to a veterinarian.

"We're kicking a lot of ideas around to make sure this doesn't happen again," Police Chief Alex Fanfarillo told the newspaper.

The kennel in Officer Charles Williams' backyard was up to department standards, but the dog was able to push her way out by using a corner to put force against chain-link material, bending the anchors holding the fence to its metal posts.

Fanfarillo came to the defense of the officer, saying he had not broken any rules and was not responsible for Anka's death.

"There was nothing negative whatsoever about his protocol. By no means is he in trouble," he said. "He's still distraught as we speak."

Fanfarillo say that the department plans to improve the design guidelines on its kennels.