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RoboCop Throws Out First Pitch at Detroit Tigers Game

RoboCop threw out a ceremonial first pitch at Comerica Park on Tuesday.

Detroit Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis attempted to have a conversation with him.

"He looks real intimidating, especially when he's not smiling," Davis said.

Although this RoboCop didn't speak much, Davis said he was able to draw something out of him.

"Very few words spoken," Davis said. "It was a really nice experience having RoboCop out there. The real RoboCop -- that's what I call him, anyways."

Davis was 6 when "RoboCop" was released in theaters in July 1987.

"I came up on that movie, that was one of my all-time favorite movies," Davis said. "I wanted to be like RoboCop when I grew up, except for the fact that RoboCop doesn't thieves. I came up to be a pretty good thief, stealing a lot of good bases.

"Me and RoboCop butted heads a little bit out there. That was the big problem we had in our meeting today."

Davis said he didn't think it was clear to RoboCop that stealing bases was legal.

Max Scherzer was another Tiger who enjoyed the "RoboCop" movies, but he turned 3 in the midst of the movie's original run at theaters.

Asked about RoboCop throwing out the first pitch, Scherzer said: "Interesting. Does he throw it out like a robot or is there a human element to it?"

RoboCop certainly didn't have a rocket arm and the ball landed in the dirt.

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