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Oregon Deputy Rescues Teen From Drowning

A Curry County, Ore. Sheriff's deputy jumped into the ocean to rescue a drowning boy on Monday.

Deputy Terry Brown responded to Harris Beach around 5:30 p.m. for a call about a boy caught in the surf, stripped down, put a life vest on and went into the 50-degree water, according to KOIN-TV.

Brown, who was attached to a rope to crews on shore, let go of the rope so that he could hold the boy's head above water several attempts by responders to reach the pair were unsuccessful. In a second attempt, the Coast Guard launched a boat, but conditions were too rough. On a third attempt, Sheriff's Search and Rescue swimmer Logan Couch reached the two.

The pair had been in the water for close to 45 minutes and were both showing signs of hypothermia.

Officials said that Brown was in critical condition after being pulled to shore, but that his condition has improved.

Brown and the 14-year-old boy named Joshua were transported to Sutter Coast Hospital and are expected to be released within the week.

'"By all accounts Deputy Brown saved Joshua's life as he would have drowned due to hypothermia," Curry County Sheriff John Bishop told the news station.