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Dashcam Video: 'Jujitsu Expert' Attacks N.M. Officer

SANTA FE, N.M. -- A police chase south of Taos on a winding, gravel mountain highway ended in dramatic fashion on March 31, when a suspect who claimed proficiency in martial arts allegedly took down a State Police officer, told him he could take his gun and was later found hiding under a tree.

"If you want to grapple, I know jujitsu," the suspect said as he attacked the officer, who also reported that the man had "me on my back" and laughed, saying there "is nothing like a high-speed pursuit," according to State Police.

Nakai B. Shaerussel, 27, of Ojo Caliente was charged with 10 counts, including aggravated battery on an officer and driving while intoxicated. He was jailed without bail and has outstanding warrants from Taos, Santa Fe and Socorro counties.

After an officer saw him speeding, Shaerussel drove a sedan south on N.M. 68 at up to 93 mph as the car passed about 10 vehicles, including some in a highway turn known as Horseshoe Curve. The car turned off N.M. 68 at Pilar and headed west.

The car stopped west of the Taos Junction Bridge on N.M. 567, after first nearly hitting an approaching pickup truck head-on. Pursuing Officer Todd Sibley approached the car and ordered Shaerussel, who had a small dog in his arms, to show his hands.

Sibley tried to handcuff Shaerussel but ended up on his back with "one of his (Shaerussel's) hands behind my head and the other coming in front."

Sibley said he could smell alcohol on Shaerussel.

"I told him to relax and let's talk about what has happened," Sibley wrote in his report.

When Shaerussel got up and walked away, Sibley drew his service pistol and ordered him to stop. Instead, Shaerussel jumped back in his sedan and took off again at high speed. After about two miles, Shaerussel's car slowed to a stop, with smoke coming from the engine. Sibley again drew his gun, but Shaerussel ran off. Sibley said he found several open alcohol containers in the car.

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