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Georgia Police Officers' 'Diaper Duty' Goes Viral

Two Dunwoody, Ga. police officers who responded to a shoplifting complaint got a lot more than they bargained for last month.

Officers Kerry Stallings and Mark Stevens found two infants left inside a car in a WalMart parking lot on Feb. 28 after their parents were arrested, according to WXAI-TV.

One of the infants was in desperate need of a diaper change and was crying loudly.

"Nothing on here was prepared for a diaper or wipes, that's for sure," Stallings told the news station, pointing to his utility belt.

Both officers -- who are also fathers -- said that more than just their police training kicked in.

"I've changed many outside of work, but in 15 years, I've never had to change a diaper at work," Stevens said.

A photo of Stallings with one of the babies was taken by another officer and was posted on Facebook where it went viral, gaining both officers national attention.

"My wife said that she's been changing diapers for five years and she never got on the news about it. I changed one and I end up on the news," Stallings laughed.

Thanks to their efforts, the city council is awarding both officers diaper bags.

"I will carry that proudly," Stevens said. "I will show up with my gear bag and my diaper bag on calls. And if I need to change a diaper out on a call, I have changed many before, and I can do another one."