Online Exclusive

New Virginia Police Cruiser Set to Spread Message

The Fairfax County, Va. Police Department's newest cruiser is sure to demand drivers' attention.

The 2013 Ford Taurus completely wrapped in safety messages will be on the lookout for those who are distracted, intoxicated or fail to move over for emergency vehicles, according to The Fairfax Times.

"We are marketing our message," Fairfax County Police Captain Ed O'Carroll told the newspaper. "But make no mistake, this cruiser is fully functional and it will be out looking for unsafe drivers."

Messages such as "One text or call could wreck it all" and "Drive sober or get pulled over," in large vibrantly-colored letters are hard to miss on the patrol car.

Officials say it cost about $4,000 to cover the car with the logos and slogans, which was funded by Transurban -- the company that manages the I-495 express lanes. The Fairfax Law Enforcement Foundation will help to maintain the vehicle.

The vehicle, which was unveiled in Centreville on Feb. 21, also includes four scannable QR codes that provide specific information about each offense when scanned with a smart phone.

When the cruiser is not patrolling the streets, it will be displayed at local schools, malls and other locations throughout the county.