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Ind. Reserve Deputy Loses Job at School Over Gun

An Elkhart County, Ind. Sheriff’s reserve deputy was fired from his job as a school grounds keeper after he brought his gun on school property.

Reserve Deputy Rick Ball went into work at Concord Community Schools on Jan. 28 while the schools were closed due to the weather, according to WSBT-TV.

During his shift, Ball was involved in a car accident in a school vehicle -- which is when his boss found out he was carrying a gun.

His supervisor reported the firearm to the school superintendent, who told Ball at the end of the week he would either be fired or forced to resign.

"I feel like I've done nothing wrong," Ball told the news station. "If a situation would arise where we have an active shooter or something, we have to be prepared because I'm required to go in and help take care of it."

: Ball almost always kept his gun in his personal car while on school property, but on Jan. 26 he responded to a domestic violence call before going to work and put his .380 revolver in his coat pocket for that call then didn't take it out before returning to work on Monday.

Concord Superintendent Wayne Stubbs told the news station at law enforcement officers are allowed to carry firearms on school property, but that it has to be approved.

Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers said that he will not intervene, but said that it's "troubling in this day and age that we would have that type of policy and mentality."