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Las Vegas Police: Helicopter Ride Violated Policy

A Metro Police captain and an officer violated department policy when they took a Guns N Roses guitarist and his girlfriend on a helicopter ride as part of an elaborate marriage proposal earlier this year, officials announced today.

An internal investigation into the Aug. 7 incident revealed Capt. David O'Leary and Officer Ray Horsley misused department resources when they took Daren Jay "DJ" Ashba and his girlfriend on a "fly along" on the chopper, dropping them off at a field near police headquarters where champagne and roses awaited.

Civilian rides on helicopters are typically done to educate the public about the department and its duties, Metro officials said. Such trips begin and end at headquarters and don't include off-site landings.

O'Leary was to be punished with a demotion to lieutenant, but he retired instead, Metro officials said. Horsley will be transferred out of the department's Air Support Detail on Jan. 11, and he will no longer be allowed to fly for the department.

Police said Ashba and his girlfriend declined interview requests for the investigation.

Metro launched the investigation after Ashba posted a photo on social media thanking the police department for helping him arrange the proposal.

The incident occurred at the height of Sheriff Doug Gillespie's attempts to sway the Clark County commissioners to vote in favor of a sales tax raise.

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