Online Exclusive

NYPD Announces Consolidation of Fleet Services

The NYPD on Monday announced the largest consolidation of its fleet operations.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg made the announcement at the new NYPD Citywide Service Shop #9 in Manhattan.

The Department of Transportation transferred the garage to the NYPD's fleet division, which provided the department with the extra garage space necessary to service its response vehicles -- without having to find or build another garage.

"The consolidation of fleet services is not only saving taxpayers money it's making them safer too," Kelly said. "The close proximity of the new garage to police facilities allows us to get our vehicles serviced and back out on patrol faster than before. This enables our police officers, school safety agents and traffic enforcement agents to do their jobs safely and more efficiently."

The move was part of a consolidation of the city's entire fleet, reducing the number of dedicated fleet repair facilities by more than 21 percent from 47 to 37 locations.

Officials said that more than $239 million in fleet costs will be saved and the city will avoid $45 million per year in recurring operating expenses.

Through fleet consolidation, agencies will be able to use their fleet garages and resources to serve and support other city agencies.