Officer Quickfire Recap: Second Week of October

It can be hard to keep up with all of the news that occurs on daily basis.

Because of this, the staff presents the "Quickfire Weekly Recap."

Here are some of the stories you may have missed that ran on our site this week:

Weekend (Oct. 4-6)

A special agent with the Army's Criminal Investigation Division was among four soldiers killed in an attack in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Sgt. Joseph M. Peters succumbed to injuries sustained when his unit encountered an improvised explosive device in the Kandahar Province. Peters was the first special agent for CID to be killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Three Americans and a Panamanian military officer were killed in a plane crash during an anti-drug mission in a remote part of northern Columbia on Saturday.

Two Americans on board were seriously injured in the crash in the Choco province, 340 miles northwest of Colombia's capital or Bogota.

A Morehead City, N.C. police officer was alert and off his respirator Friday afternoon after suffering gunshot wounds from a training accident earlier in the week.

Officer Garret Hardin was wounded on Oct. 2 after a fellow officer discharged a bullet that shattered the 22-year-old's sternum and ruptured three lobes of his lung.

Thus far, 2013 has been a tough year for the Cleveland Police Department.

A county prosecutor is investigating a deadly pursuit from late last year that ended with 137 shots fired by 13 officers and there have been a growing list of complaints about the handling of missing person cases and rape investigations, which culminated with the escape of three women who had been held captive and raped for more than a decade.

Monday (Oct. 7)

A Maryland State Police trooper remained in critical condition after being struck during a traffic stop early Sunday morning.

Trooper Jacqueline A. Kline was assisting another trooper who had pulled a motorist over in Pasadena around 1 a.m. when she was hit by a passing vehicle. She was transported to the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

A Massachusetts court issued an arrest warrant for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as prosecutors sought to preserve their right to try him on state charges in the killing of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer.

Officer Sean Collier fatally shot during a manhunt for Tsarnaev and his brother on April 18 in the wake of the bombing.

New York City park police officers, who wear bulletproof vests and have the ability to make arrests, are now fighting for the right to bear arms.

The calls from Parks Enforcement Patrol officers come a week after a man stabbed five people in Riverside Park in broad daylight.

Tuesday (Oct. 8)

Boston police officers picked up the slack for school bus drivers who unexpectedly went on strike, giving students lifts to school.

About 600 of the 700 drivers who work for the city's bus contractor went on strike, affecting about 33,000 students.

Police officers in Washington, D.C. detained at least eight lawmakers during an immigration rally.

The Democratic members of the House were among about 200 people arrested after they blocked a main street near the Capitol.

Police in San Francisco say a man standing on a crowded train pulls out a pistol, but none of the passengers reacted because they were too focused on their electronic devices.

It wasn't until the gunman fired a bullet into the back of a San Francisco State student getting off the train that they looked up.

Wednesday (Oct. 9)

Two gang members were convicted in the murder of a Chicago police officer who had responded to a call of shots fired in 2009.

Kevin Walker was found guilty of first-degree murderof Officer Alejandro "Alex" Valadez, as well as the attempted murder of his partner, Officer Thomas Vargas. Christopher Harris was found guilty of murder and attempted murder.

A former police officer opened fire on a federal courthouse in Wheeling, W.Va. before officer returned fire, killing him.

Thomas J. Piccard, who was a retired Wheeling police officer, fired up to two dozen shots at the Wheeling Federal Building.

An undercover NYPD police detective was arrested following a melee involving a group of motorcyclists and the driver of an SUV.

Investigators say Detective Wojciech Braszczok was shown on video hitting and kicking the vehicle before bikers attacked its driver.

Thursday (Oct. 10)

A New Hanover County, N.C. Sheriff's detective was recovering and a suspect was being sought after he was wounded in a shooting.

Detective Michael Spencer was shot in the leg near a public housing development after approaching a suspicious person who exited a vehicle.

A Los Angeles police officer has been charged with assault after a woman died following an arrest.

Prosecutors say Officer Mary O'Callaghan kicked the woman seven times in the groin, abdomen and upper thigh.

A hearing for Gilberton, Pa. Police Chief Mark Kessler was halted suddenly after a handgun belonging to one of his supporters slid out of its holster and crashed onto the floor.

Kessler has been under fire after making national news for profanity-laced Internet videos about liberals and the Second Amendment.

Friday (Oct. 11)

Some federal corrections officers are fired up as the government shutdown has required them to work without pay while the inmates collect their checks.

Inmates being paid to make everything from furniture to clothes to license plates for Federal Prison Industries are still getting paid while the officers are left waiting for the political stalemate to end.