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Dashcam Shows Oregon Traffic Stop Shootout

Oregon State Police have released dashcam video of a shootout that occurred in late August following a traffic stop.

Trooper Matt Zistel pulled over John Van Allen on Aug. 29 on I-84 about 100 miles east of Portland, The Oregonian.

Officials say that Allen, 34, was driving a Cadillac and had all three of his children inside. After stopping the vehicle, he can be seen exiting in military fatigues.

After Zistel yells for the man to get back in his vehicle, Allen pulls a gun from his waistband and begins approaching the trooper's cruiser while firing.

Zistel returns fire and Allen runs back to his car and flees. Officials say that while the video shows no visual injury to the suspect, he was shot in the chest.

The trooper radios that shots have been fired and that he himself had been hit in the side, but was OK.

Responding officers found the trooper wounded and tracked down Allen's vehicle a half-mile away with the man dead from the gunshot wound he suffered in the shootout.

Zistel was treated at a local hospital and released. He was since been on administrative leave.