Officer Quickfire Recap: Second Week of September

It can be hard to keep up with all of the news that occurs on daily basis.

Because of this, the staff presents the "Quickfire Weekly Recap."

Here are some of the stories you may have missed that ran on our site this week:

Weekend (Sept. 6-8)

A Harrison County, Texas deputy succumbed Sunday to injuries he sustained in a crash six years ago.

Deputy Michael Neal Freeman, 61, suffered extensive injuries during a high-speed pursuit in 2007.

The Carthage Police Department in Mississippi was also morning the loss of an officer over the weekend.

Cpl. Van Perry died on Sept. 5 at University of Mississippi Medical Center after collapsing in the station while interviewing a suspect on Aug. 29.

At least two New York sheriffs plan to not enforce the SAFE Act following comments by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The governor said that law enforcement's job is to enforce all the laws and to do otherwise "would obviously be chaos" and "a dangerous and frightening precedent."

Monday (Sept. 9)

A Michigan State Police trooper was found shot in the head by a motorist following a traffic stop.

Trooper Paul Butterfield died during emergency surgery at Munson Medical Center after the incident in Mason County.

Wayne County, Mich. Sheriff's officials say an inmate awaiting sentencing briefly took a deputy hostage, stabbed another and carjacked a motorist while escaping from a downtown Detroit courthouse.

The incident prompted a lockdown of the facility and sparked a manhunt for Derreck White.

The man convicted of holding three women captive for a decade in his Cleveland home who committed suicide in his prison cell told authorities that police missed an opportunity to catch him in 2004.

Interrogation videotapes that recently became public show Ariel Castro tell police that his picture should have been captured by a school security camera minutes before he abducted one of his victims.

Tuesday (Sept. 10)

A grand jury declined to indict a Texas trooper who fired from a helicopter on a fleeing pickup truck along the U.S.-Mexico border, killing two Guatemalan immigrants.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials said Trooper Miguel Avila believed drugs where in the bed of the truck when he opened fire during the October 2012 incident.

Two Democratic Colorado lawmakers who backed tighter gun laws were kicked out of office in a recall election promoted by both grassroots activists and the National Rifle Association.

Senate President John Morse lost by just 343 votes while Senator Angela Giron lost by a larger margin.

A 107-year-old Arkansas man who died in a police standoff over the weekend told officers months earlier that they would have to shoot him or throw him in jail before he went back home with his son-in-law.

Monroe Isadore made the comments during an argument in June when he said his daughter and son-in-law didn't want him around, according to one of several police reports.

Wednesday (Sept. 11)

Families, friends and colleagues honored their loved ones at the World Trade Center site, the Pentagon and in a field near Shanksville, Pa. on the twelfth anniversary of 9/11.

Bells tolled to mark the planes hitting the towers and the moments when the skyscrapers fell and the "Tribute in Light" -- turned on at sunset -- shined where the twin towers once stood.

Charges were filed in the fatal shooting of Michigan State Trooper Paul Butterfield during a traffic stop Monday.

Eric Knysz, 19, was charged with murder of an officer as well as three other crimes while his wife, Sarah Knysz, 20, faces two charges related to driving away from the scene with him.

A jury began deliberating in the trial of a fired Phoenix police officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed suspect and his dog.

The defense attorney for Richard Chrisman claimed the defendant's partner made up a story that led to the charges.

Thursday (Sept. 12)

Methamphetamine lab seizures and arrests were down nationwide in 2012, according to DEA statistics.

Despite the news, experts say they don't yet know why and some states are already reporting increases this year.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced that they have installed high definition cameras along the city's entertainment district's streets.

Thirty-seven of the cameras were placed along the Las Vegas Strip in an effort to catch criminals and deter crime.

Friday (Sept. 13)

A Rockwell City, Iowa police officer was fatally shot during a standoff with a wanted felon.

Officer Jamie Buenting showed up to the house with other officers Thursday night and was allegedly shot by Corey Trott around 1:40 a.m. Friday morning. He was rushed to Stewart Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.