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New Hampshire Police Make Massive Heroin Bust

Police in Manchester, N.H. arrested five people in what officials are calling the largest seizure of heroin in the city's history.

The raid conducted by the department's SWAT team at a home on Silver Street Wednesday netted approximately 100 grams of heroin with an approximate street value of $10,000, according to The Union Leader.

Police also recovered an assortment of prescription narcotics, digital scales, packaging materials and $4,424 in cash.

Monique Teal, John Larchelle and Bradley Tyrell were arrested on various charges during the raid. Roberto Adorno and Ismailin Lugo were also charged after information was developed that led to their arrests.

The two men arrived at the location in a vehicle containing an additional 200 grams of heroin, valued at $20,000, along with 29.2 grams of cocaine, valued at $1,100, and $7,409 in cash.