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Video: Wisconsin Police Shoot Fleeing Suspect

Dashcam video has been released of Beloit police officers firing on the fleeing vehicle on June 11.

A report from the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation stated that the officers felt that the driver, Darrius Lowery-Bapiste, was putting the lives of their fellow officer and citizens in the city's downtown area at risk, The Beloit Daily News.

Lowery-Bapiste, who died in the shooting, was under surveillance of police who attempted to arrest him near the corner of State Street and Grand Avenue after they had his vehicle boxed in.

The man was wanted in connection with a recent shooting and had a warrant out for his arrest.

The video captured by a cruiser arriving on the scene shortly before the shooting shows one unmarked police vehicle in front of the suspect's car and another behind it in an attempt to prevent him from fleeing.

Officer Brian Miller is heard shouting at the man to put his vehicle in park and that he was under arrest. Sgt. Daniel Tilley was positioned at the driver's side window of the vehicle while Officer Seth Hendricks was at the front passenger side window.

At one point, all three officers had their guns drawn.

Two of the officer attempt to kick in his windows. Just as Lowery Baptiste asks the officers not to shoot him, he puts his car in reverse, hitting the police vehicle behind him and turns the wheel sharply to the left, narrowly missing Tilley.

Both Tilley and Hendricks begin firing shots at the vehicle. The vehicle then veers to the right and slams into a building. The officers approached the vehicle and handcuffed the suspect.

According to reports, several small baggies containing "white substance" were found on the suspect.

Officers are heard telling Lowery-Baptiste to "hang in there" and "keep breathing."

The suspect later died and a gun was discovered after he was taken to an ambulance.

The incident is currently under investigation.