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Video: Oregon Officers Attacked Inside City Hall

Beaverton police say that an 18-year-old who grabbed an officer's gun before firing it inside City Hall last week was high on mushrooms and had "superhuman strength."

Jared Steven Leone walked into Beaverton City Hall on the evening of July 26 and reportedly told someone at the police department's records desk that he was overdosing on drugs and needed help, according to KATU-TV.

Three officers met the young man when he allegedly swung a punch at one of them.

A surveillance video of the struggle shows that it took officers six minutes to restrain Leone and bring him into custody.

Detective Sergeant Jim Shumway told the new station that at some point the officers cuffed him, but that he broke out of the handcuffs. Leone then grabbed a gun from one of the officers and fired a single shot.

No one was injured and the bullet went through a wall into an empty room.

The officers used Tasers on Leone seven times during the fight, but they had no effect.

"Somebody could have been killed from this. This could have been a real tragedy," Shumway said.

One officer suffered a shoulder injury in the struggle and was transported to a local hospital.

Leone faces charges including assaulting a police officer, unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest.