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You May Have Missed: June Officer News Wrap

During the month of June, covered several topics including bulletproof vests for K-9s, a new mobile app being used by the San Jose Police Department and the National Sheriffs' Association's Annual Conference.

Here are some of the exclusive news stories that appeared on that you may have missed last month:

Group is 'Vested' in Protecting Nation's K-9s

The founder of Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc., Sandy Marcal, spoke about the group's success and the road ahead.

"It's a huge undertaking but it's very fulfilling," she said. "We're happy to be able to do this for the dogs that serve their communities and their partners. They deserve it."

In less than four years, the group has provided more than 400 bullet and stab protective vests for law enforcement dogs throughout the country.

The group recently entered into a yearlong partnership with PetArmor, which manufactures flea and tick medication for dogs. The company's initial donation will send vests to police dogs in Austin, Texas, Jupiter, Fla. and Riviera Beach, Fla.

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San Jose PD Works to Connect With Community

San Jose Police Spokesman Sgt. Jason Dwyer discussed the department's new mission statement and how the mobile CityConnect has helped it better inform the city's residents.

"We were trying to find out what we should put in the answer to the question the community is ultimately asking," he said. "People wanted to know what our police department looks like and what it is doing right now to address some of these issues."

The police department worked with the company PublicEngines to find ways CityConnect could help accomplish some of its goals.

The cell phone application includes links to the department's website, blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages and crime mapping. It also allows residents to file a report or submit a tip directly to police.

To have this innovative police department elect to base their public engagement strategy around CityConnect is very rewarding," William Kilmer, the CEO of PublicEngines, said. "It is also indicative of the realities public safety agencies face today: doing much more with far less. Products like CityConnect help them accomplish that feat."

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Nation's Sheriffs Gear Up for Annual Conference

Calhoun County, Ala. Sheriff Larry Amerson, President of the National Sheriffs' Association, spoke about some of the key elements of this year's conference, which took place June 20-26 in Charlotte, N.C.

"We have a number of things we're going to do at the conference," he said. "We try to pack it full of events and activities for our members to expand their knowledge and to have a good time."

A two-day training symposium -- a first for the NSA -- was held on the final days of the conference. Tracks offered included Jails, Court Security, Homeland Security and Leadership.

Ultimately, Amerson said that the conference is aimed at making sure sheriffs are up to date on policies and practices and at educating them on pertinent law enforcement issues.

"At the end of the day, every sheriff is a leader," he said. "They were selected by the people in their county and it's important that we go home from our conference with as many tools to put in our toolbox as we can."

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Photos: Sheriffs in Charlotte for NSA Conference

Sara Schreiber, editor of Law Enforcement Technology Magazine, attended this year's conference and snapped a few photos of what she saw while she was there. The National Sheriffs' Association was also kind enough to provide photos from the conference's opening ceremony.

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