Report: Park Police Lost Track of Thousands of Guns

Investigators found 1,400 guns that were supposed to have been destroyed or melted down.

A report released by a government watchdog revealed that the U.S. Park Police has lost track of thousands of firearms.

Investigators from the Office of the Inspector General found 1,400 guns that were supposed to have been destroyed or melted down, according to The Washington Post.

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While the report states that there is no indication the weapons found their way into the hands of criminals, it concluded that the Park Police may be unaware if they had.

The authors wrote that there is "credible evidence of conditions that would allow for theft and misuse of firearms, and the ability to conceal the fact if weapons were missing."

The investigation was launched following an anonymous tip that Park Police officers were improperly taking weapons home. While only two instances of that occurring were found, they discovered many examples of mismanagement.

Along with the guns that were supposed to be disposed of, investigators found that an additional 198 handguns donated by the ATF are sitting in a building, but don't show up in the agency's records.

Investigators said that similar problems found in 2008 and 2009 were never fixed.

The report includes 10 recommendations to improve firearms management.

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