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Video Shows Monkey Attack Texas Police Officer

A rookie police officer in Aransas Pass, Texas had quite a surprise when a monkey attacked him during an otherwise ordinary traffic stop Wednesday.

Officer Keith Moore reached into a truck he pulled over to hand the driver a pen to sign a citation when a monkey hiding in the back seat lunged at him, according to KRIS-TV. The entire incident was captured on the 21-year-old officer's sunglasses' camera.

"My sergeant thought I had initially got stung with a bee but it wasn't," Moore told the news station. "I ended up telling him when I was walking back that it was a monkey that came out of nowhere."

The money is actually a professional that makes appearances at carnivals and festivals. Moore said the incident will no doubt stick with him throughout his career.

"I think this kind of starts the conversations," he said, "keeps the standards pretty high."

After the attack, Moore gave the man the citation and went on with his day.