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N.Y. Police Arrest More Than 100 During Sex Stings

More than 100 people were arrested after soliciting sex from cops posing as prostitutes in a month-long Nassau County sting.

The 104 arrests were announced Monday as part of "Operation Flush the Johns," according to The Daily News.

"This whole concept of looking at johns as victims -- they’re not victims!," Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said. "They're further exploiting and victimizing trafficked women and men."

The suspects each face up to a year on misdemeanor promotion of prostitution charges and range in age from 17 to 79 years of age.

The arrests were made during eight stings at hotel rooms between April 18 and May 24.

The undercover officers set up the meetings by posting bogus ads on and were recorded on hidden cameras.

All the suspects have pleaded not guilty and legal experts told the newspaper they are unlikely to face jail time, but officials said the point is sending a message.