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NYPD Officers Save Woman From High-Rise Jump

Dramatic photos show two of New York’s Finest tackling a distraught and barefoot woman who threatened to leap from the 20th-floor balcony of a Midtown building Wednesday morning.

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It was touch-and-go for the Emergency Service cops, who spent more than an hour comforting and calming the woman, who was threatening to leap from the ledge of 112 W. 38th Street during rush hour.

A 911 call at 7:50 a.m. reported that the mystery woman was on the ledge, and the two unidentified officers set to work, speaking to her through an open window.

The woman intermittently texted on her cellphone and often flailed her arms in anger.

It was not known why she wanted to kill herself.

The officers finally came through the window and onto the balcony and grabbed the startled woman, whisking her to safety.

She was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for observation.

“Everything went according to plan,” said a police source.

“There were two officers who talked her down. It went excellently.”

Another cop simply said to the two hero officers, “You saved a life today.”

Republished with permission of The New York Post.