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Kansas City Police Find Humor in Officer's Fall

Kansas City police had a good laugh at the expense of one of its own during a storm Thursday night.

Officer Pepper Walker spotted a tree that had fallen on Pleasant Valley Road while on patrol around 6:30 p.m. and stopped to remove it, according to KSHB-TV.

As he attempted to drag the tree off the road, the branch he was pulling broke, sending him flying to the side of the road.

Dashcam video captured the entire incident, and Walker's colleagues can be heard rolling with laughter.

The officer suffered no physical injuries -- aside from a possibly bruised ego -- during his tumble.

Following the incident, the department posted a link to the YouTube video it posted from its Twitter account saying: "As the snow fell so did our officers. Here is a new meaning to the phrase 'strong arm of the law!' "

The video, entitled "I don't need no stinking chainsaw," currently has close to 8,000 views on the social media video sharing site.