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Video: Mich. Officers Rescue Man From Fiery Wreck

Wyoming police officers helped save three men following a fiery wreck on April 20, and the rescue of one of them was captured on tape.

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Police responded to a call for a collision between a car and a tractor-trailer in the 4600 block of Clyde Park SW shortly after midnight and found the car on fire, according to The Grand Rapids Press.

Officer Jeremy Walter was the first officer on the scene and bystanders were yelling and pointing at the car, saying there was still someone trapped inside.

The Good Samaritans had already pulled Troy Durayle and Jacques Devon Strong from the wreckage.

The bystanders were trying to pull Clarence Lavar-Dominigue Lewis from the passenger side of the vehicle as Walter ran back to his cruiser to grab his fire extinguisher.

He sprayed the car's engine and looked inside the passenger door and determined that Lewis was trapped by his seat belt.

The officer took a Gerber multi-tool from his belt and went inside the car as smoke and flames surrounded the vehicle.

He cut the shoulder belt, but was unable to reach the lap belt.

As the flames neared Lewis' legs, someone sprayed the extinguisher, giving Walter an opening to cut the belt.

Officer Steve Rellinger arrived on the scene and helped Walter carry Lewis to safety as the fire intensified.

Officer Robert Meredith was also on the scene, and rendered aid to Durayle, who was the driver of the vehicle. He suffered a compound fracture and was having trouble breathing. The officer was able to stabilize him.

Lewis was listed in fair condition, while Durayle and Strong were critically injured.

None of the officers were injured in the rescue.

The crash remains under investigation.