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You May Have Missed: March Officer News Wrap

During the month of February, featured original stories on topics including training of police dogs, safety in schools and 911 call centers that are beginning to accept text messages.

Here are some of the exclusive news stories that appeared on that you may have missed last month:

Expert: Bond Between K-9s, Handlers Strong

Rick Ashabranner, a former handler with the Jeffersonville City, Ind. Police Department and the President of the North American Police Work Dog Association, spoke to Staff Writer Paul Peluso about the bond shared between police dogs and their handlers.

He said the relationship is much like that of a owner and a pet, but with an added sense trust.

"As a handler, you carry the dog every day, go through the training classes with the dog and work together. That becomes a day-in, day-out thing," he said.

"I think any time you start putting your trust into a dog with not only your life, but the life of citizens and other officers, that bond becomes very strong."

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Group: No Easy Solution to Safety in Schools

Augustine Pescatore, the President of the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials and the Commander of the Philadelphia School District Office of School Safety, told Staff Writer Paul Peluso that there are no easy answers to shoring up safety in the nation's school following the Newtown, Conn. school shooting that killed 20 students and six adults on Dec. 14, 2012.

"There's no national rule that's going to apply because every school is different," he said. "From the socioeconomic breakdown of the students, to whether it's an urban school or suburban school ... there are many variables that should be considered."

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More Jurisdictions Offering Ability to Text 911 Centers Senior Staff Writer Susan Nicol was in Frederick County, Md. on March 21, where it was announced the county became just the sixth jurisdiction in the country to offer residents the ability to text its 911 center.

Dispatchers in the county are now standing by ready to take text requests from Verizon wireless customers for police, fire or EMS services.

Officials said that the rest of the state of Maryland is interested to see how the program works and if it can be expanded to other areas.

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MADD Builds Strong Bond With Police Officers

Jan Withers, National President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, told Senior Staff Writer Susan Nicol that the group appreciates the work of law enforcement officers across the country.

Withers lost her daughter 20 years ago in a crash that occurred after the driver of the car she was in had been drinking.

She said that MADD appreciates the work of law enforcement officers across the country who work to get drunk drivers off the road.

"We support our heroes who work hard to keep us safe."

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