Colorado Waitress Cards Patron, Gets Own ID


A Colorado waitress checking the ID of a woman who ordered a drink was handed her own driver's license.

Brianna Priddy had gone through weeks of grief after her wallet was stolen during a night out with friends.

Someone had stolen her cash, credit cards, and her driver's license, she told,

Her bank contacted her, saying they had spent hundreds of dollars.

Now that someone, was sitting in Priddy's section at Applebee's, the station reported.

She handed her driver's license back to the woman, and said she'd return in a minute with her margarita. Instead of heading to the bar, however, Priddy headed for a phone to call poilice.

Priddy acted like nothing was wrong.

"I put on my server smile and tried to take care of them, but I was shaking like crazy," Priddy told reporters. 

Lakewood police arrived in minutes.

Police spokesman Steve Davis said it's one of the most unusual coincidences he's ever encountered.

"Dumb criminal! That's the first [word] that comes to mind," Davis said. "We found some narcotics in this woman's possession, so she's in quite a bit of hot water."