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Details Emerge in Md. Trainee's Near Fatal Shooting

As a Maryland police trainee fights for his life in R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, state troopers are continuing to investigate the shooting by a veteran Baltimore City officer.

The victim was shot in the forehead by Officer William S. Kern, who mistakenly fired his service weapon rather than a paint pistol, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The shooting that occurred during recruit training at a former state hospital has led to the suspension of Kern and six others.

Baltimore County Police, who traditonally train at the facility, told reporters they didn't know the city drills were being conducted there.

A source close to the probe told Sun reporters that troopers are exploring whether the incident occurred during horseplay as opposed to real training.

Kern, who has been involved in training for more than a decade, fired his real weapon as the trainee peered at him through a window. Broken glass injured another officer, reports indicated.

The trainee, an officer with University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus, was flown to the trauma center where he remains in critical condition.

Right after the shooting, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said there was "no acceptable explanation" for the incident and said she was "so angry I was almost speechless."