Online Exclusive

Dallas Police Begin Tracking Use-of-Force

The Dallas Police Department recently began tracking incidents in which officers use force.

Since Jan. 1, police officers have been required to fill out forms from which data will be complied by the department to identify crime trends and areas where training needs to be improved, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Any use of force beyond simply handcuffing a suspect -- as well as any resistance from the suspect -- must be documented, along with a short description of the incident.

Phoenix, Los Angeles and Austin and Fort Worth use similar systems while Houston is currently putting on in place.

"This is something that is a best practice across the country," Dallas Deputy Chief Christina Smith said. "It will give us a good idea of what the trends are and help us better train officers."

The latest policy change is just one of several made in the wake of August incident in which an officer fatally shot a suspected drug dealer.