Claims Filed Against the NYPD Continue to Rise

Crime keeps coming down, but claims against the NYPD keep going up.

Crime keeps coming down, but claims against the NYPD keep going up.

A “historical high” of 8,882 claims were filed against the Police Department in fiscal 2011, up from 8,110 the previous year, according to a report issued yesterday by Comptroller John Liu.

Payouts to settle lawsuits against cops also increased last year to $185.6 million from $137.3 million in 2010.

The 44th Precinct in The Bronx registered 330 claims, or 16 per 100 crime complaints, the most in the city. Overall, the city paid out $550.4 million to settle tort cases, compared to $522 million in 2010.

Taxpayers shelled out another $135.9 million to get rid of other types of lawsuits, including from contractors and from parents who sued in special-education cases.

“Police officers make more than 23 million contacts with the public each year and cope with incredibly difficult situations on a daily basis,” said mayoral spokesman John McCarthy.

“The decision to settle a lawsuit is not an indication of wrongdoing by the police officer or officers involved.”

Republished with permission of The New York Post

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