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N.H. Police Officer Takes Stand in Shooting Trial

A Manchester police officer testified Wednesday morning in the attempted murder trial of a man accused of shooting him several times earlier this year.

Officer Dan Doherty used the name of the suspect, Myles Webster, repeatedly while describing the foot chase that took place on March 21, according to The Union-Leader.

Doherty said that when he got close enough to tackle Webster, the man suddenly stopped, turned around and fired a gun at him.

"I feel a round hit me in my left shin," Doherty said, adding that he felt more bullets strike him as Webster emptied his gun before fleeing the scene.

A total of five bullets hit the officer in the legs and torso.

Despite his microphone being underneath his body at the time of the shooting, Doherty was able to communicate and yelled that shot had been fired before shouting "Rimmon" -- the street the shooting occurred on. will provide more information on this story as it becomes available.