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Colo. Officers Lift Car Off of Pinned Mother, Child

Two Aurora police officers are being credited with lifting a car off of a mother and her child who were struck by a car Monday night.

Sgt. Matt Brukbacher, who was working desperately to rescue the two victims, was joined on the scene by off-duty Sgt. John Kessler, who heard about the incident while working security at a nearby Walmart, according to KDVR-TV.

Kipinga Muanza Kalala was crossing East Exposition Avenue with her three children when they were hit by an oncoming car, pinning the mother and her 2-year-old daughter underneath.

"The lady was on her side and had the baby wrapped up in her arms kind of holding her down," Kessler told the news station. "I went to the baby, she was crying. I tried to remove the infant from the lady’s arms but she was pinned under, I couldn’t move her at that point."

Several Good Samaritans pitched in to assist the officers with lifting the vehicle.

"We lifted that like it was nothing," Brukbacher said. "I mean, it went up almost all the way up."

Kalala sustained head wounds and several broken bones while her two-year-old daughter suffered burns, severe lacerations and abrasions.

The two other children were uninjured.

Police say the family crossed the road where there was no crosswalk and the driver of the car will not be charged.