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Maryland Chief Set to Head U.S. Capitol Police

FREDERICK, Md. -- Frederick Police Chief Kim Dine is about to change uniforms.

Selected to head the U.S. Capitol Police force, Dine is excited about the challenges that await him.

“I’m honored and humbled,” he told during a recent interview.

“The Capitol Police have the most unique rules of policing anywhere in the country,” he said. “The mission is varied as they are responsible for protecting not only members of Congress and VIPs, but keeping the millions and millions of visitors safe.”

Dine, who retired as an assistant chief with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. after 27 years, is familiar with the nation’s capital, the events as well as the constant hustle and bustle.

He will be taking over as the force is in high gear getting ready for the inauguration in January. “People have been planning for it since last year. So, things are well underway. It will definitely be a busy time, though.”

He’s been involved in inaugurations before, but not to the extent as this time.

“I’m headed to a stellar agency,” he said. “I’m proud for the opportunity to lead the 1,700 men and women.”

During his tenure in Frederick, Maryland’s second largest city, Dine has seen the population continue to climb, and serious crime decline.

While he’s an advocate of community policing and intelligence-led strategies, Dine said it’s the 121 sworn personnel that have made the difference in Frederick.

He said officers not only reach out, but have good communications with residents. “We’ve built many bridges here. I’m proud of that.”

In the past 10 ½ years, the department has obtained a number of grants, technology has been enhanced and officers are constantly engaged in a myriad of training opportunities.

Most recently, he worked with the mayor’s office to craft a law to ban the sale of bath salts in stores. It’s now a criminal offense.

While his last day on the job is next week, Dine will still have an interest in what’s going on – as a resident.

“I have a feeling I’ll be spending quite a few nights on the couch in my office."

Dine laughs when he recalled how he learned the news he was being offered the job. “I was headed up 270, and my phone was blowing up. I was getting texts, which I couldn’t answer. I had e-mails too. But, I did answer the phone.”

To be chosen from a field of many qualified candidates, Dine still finds it difficult to describe. “Overwhelmed, excited, honored, humbled…”