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Michigan Deputy Struck, Injured Helping at Crash

A Michigan deputy was seriously injured early Sunday while she and others were tending to a man injured in a vehicle crash.

Kalamazoo County Deputy Laura Misner suffered extensive injuries.

“Laura stopping on her way into work to render aid is pretty typical of her character,” KDPS Chief Jeff Hadley told reporters Monday. “She was a stellar employee at KDPS, always willing to help. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family right now as she recovers.”

A nurse headed home after her shift and a responder who was in the first crash also were struck as was an off-duty EMT who they were treating, according to

Authorities say they're not certain yet if Trevor Stuck, 23, was killed in the first crash or when he and the people tending to him were struck, 

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Stuck and two other Pride Care workers, Brittany Despins and Kent Smith, were passengers in a private vehicle that rolled over.

Authorities said the two people stopped to help included Miser and Marykay R. Macquarrie, 53, a nurse.

They and Despins were trying to help Stuck when a driver lost control of a Jeep on the same curve. It veered off the road and struck them, police told reporters.

All remained hospitalized in critical condition.

Police are investigating to determine if alcohol was a factor in the crashes or whether the drivers fell asleep.