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Ex-Ind. Cops Arrested For Theft of Dept. Surplus

Two ex-police officers accused of stealing from their departments were arrested Monday, according to the Indiana State Police.

Michael Reneau, 40, was an officer with the Garrett Police Department, and Sean Kahkola, 42, was an officer for the Auburn Police Department.

When Reneau and Kahkola were still officers, they were given the task of screening military surplus items that their respective departments could use.

They each "used this position to obtain the surplus items and then turn around and sell them for personal gain," according to a prepared statement from state police.

Reneau did this once, and Kahkola did it twice, state police said. Reneau was charged with one felony count of theft, and Kahkola faces two felony counts of theft.

A nine-month investigation by the state police resulted in their arrests Monday. The two ex-officers were being held at the DeKalb County Jail.