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Md. Deputy Dies After Attending Colleague's Funeral

Harford County (Md.) Sheriff’s Department has lost a second deputy in as many weeks. An officer died after the funeral of a fellow colleague killed in a vehicle wreck last week.

Sgt. Ian Loughran, 43, of Harford County, suffered a heart attack in the early morning hours of Thursday after having attended the funeral of fellow deputy Cpl. Charles Licato whose services were held on Wednesday, according to an article published in The Baltimore Sun.

According to the newspaper, Loughran unknowingly began to suffer the symptoms of a heart attack during the funeral services for Licato who died Sept. 6 in a car wreck on his way home. Loughran was a 16-year member of the Harford County Sheriff’s Department.

Loughran's death is considered in the line of duty because it came within 24 hours of a shift, according to The Sun. He was attending the funeral as an agent of the sheriff’s department.

He was previously a school resources officer and was recently assigned to the Police Services Bureau, Patrol Division at the Northern Precinct. He was married and had one child.

According to the newspaper article, Loughran was the third active duty law enforcement officer in Harford County to die in the last eight days. Following Licato's death Sept. 6, off-duty Aberdeen Police Officer First Class Charles Armetta died Saturday after he fell off an overpass on I-95 in Baltimore City when he stepped out of limousine, stepped off the road and fell 47 feet into a wooded area.