Injured Gull Goes on Ride-along with Washington Trooper

An injured seagull was not only rescued by a Washington State trooper, it got to ride along on a chase.

Trooper Bart Maupin found the bird, possibly with a broken wing, sitting in the middle of I-5 in Blaine, about a quarter-mile south of the Canadian border, according to KIMA.

Maupin put the injured gull in the back seat, and was on the way to the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center when he heard a fellow trooper advised a motorist had run from him.

Maupin and his feathered friend responded to assist. They helped surround the area until the man was apprehended, the station reported.

On the way to the rehab center, the trooper reportedly warned the gull that next time, it would be best to try to make it to the shoulder or a tree branch to await assistance.

Officials say they don't know how long it will take for the wing to mend, adding they don't know if the bird was American or Canadian. "It refused to give information," a trooper said.

It's also not known if the gull left any thank-you presents in the cruiser.