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Texas Officer Killed in Crash With Suspected Drunk Driver

A 17-year veteran of the Waxahachie (Texas) Police Department was killed Saturday when he was struck by a suspected drunk driver.

According to KDFW FOX 4, a local television station, Officer Josh Williams was in his cruiser on North Highway 77 in Waxahachie at about 12:30 a.m. when a 24-year-old man driving an SUV slammed into him. The SUV driver had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit, but the BAC was not reported. The suspect also did not have is headlights on when he hit Williams’ cruiser in the passenger side and may have been speeding.

Williams was responding to a reported disturbance at a fast food restaurant when the crash occurred. Reports indicate Williams was making a left turn into the restaurant when the SUV slammed into the passenger’s side of the cruiser.

A witness said he heard a loud crash, like someone dropped a Dumpster, when the accident occurred.

Williams was given CPR on the scene and taken to Baylor Medical Center where he later died. The SUV driver Dylyn Richard, was also taken to the hospital under police custody, according to the television station.

Upon his release from the hospital, Richards will be formally charged with intoxication manslaughter and transported to Ellis County Jail.

Williams was a field training officer and known as a role model in his department.
"Josh's presence is well known and he's going to be missed," Waxahachie Police Chief Chuck Edge told the television station. He was also remembered for his passion for the job and his amusing pranks.

Friends of Williams say his positive energy and passion for the job will be sorely missed. He's remembered for his smile, his endearing personality and amusing pranks.

According to television station CBS DFW Local 11, Williams was 44-years-old, a husband and a father with three daughters.

The last time Waxahachie Police Department lost an officer in the line of duty was back in 1999. This is the third DWI related fatality involving a North Texas officer in the past month.