N.Y. MTA Officer Stabbed in Eye, Kills Assailant

An MTA police officer from Central Islip was stabbed in the eye by a knife-wielding assailant but managed to get off four shots -- killing his attacker.

Wednesday, investigators found further evidence of his mental state after searching his clothes.

Lisberg said: "They said in his pocket they found a slip indicating he'd been in an appointment at a mental health clinic in the Bronx, like a community outpatient clinic, on June 27."

In 2006, Owens walked into the 26th Precinct in Harlem and punched an officer in the face, Lhota said. The next year, he walked into the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica, Queens, and told officers he wanted to be arrested and would punch a cop in the face if that's what it took. Lhota didn't elaborate on the incidents.

Surveillance video at the station and nearby businesses recorded the attack, and officials said they are studying those images as the investigation continues.

With Gary Dymski and Ellen Yan

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