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Man Files Suit Against Calif. Deputy Accused of Abuse


A retired San Diego police officer has filed a lawsuit against a San Diego County Sheriff's deputy who is accused of terrorizing several San Diegans.

If Tim Newell gets his way, Sheriff's Sgt. Elizabeth Palmer will no longer get to wear the uniform of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

"She should not be in a position to enforce the law," Newell told 10News.

He is suing the county and Palmer because he says she abused her authority as an officer during an encounter in November. Newell said Palmer approached him in the parking lot of the Chula Vista courthouse.

"She didn't have her uniform on," he said. "I didn't know who she was at the time."

He claims Palmer took his cell phone and keys, searched his car and ultimately directed uniformed deputies to cite him.

Newell is a retired San Diego police officer. When asked why he did not challenge Palmer, Newell answered, "I just let her do what she had to do because I didn't do anything wrong. There was no reason for me to fight back."

Newell is not the only one who claims to have been harassed by Palmer. Five others say they were also victimized, ranging from being followed to having a gun pointed at them.

In February, the sheriff's department told 10News that Palmer was still on duty and that Internal Affairs was looking into the claims.

The lawsuit holds the department responsible and by extension, the county for not firing her after these claims.

Man Files Suit Against County, Deputy Accused Of Abuse

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