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Indiana Sheriff's Office $1M Behind on Bills

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Marion County Sheriff's Office is more than $1,160,000 behind on payments to Indianapolis Fleet Services, a city department that provides gas, maintenance, parts and supplies to city and county agencies, officials said.

Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney obtained eight months of invoices that have not been paid, according to city officials.

"It's a concern," said Marc Lotter, Mayor Greg Ballard's spokesman. "We want to make sure bills are paid, whether they're internal, within the government or external vendors. As of now, they remain unpaid, and we are working with the Sheriff's Office and the controller's office to see what we can do to get those taken care of."

Lt. Col. Louis Dezelan of the Sheriff's Office met with the city controller's office on Wednesday.

Dezelan did not provide an explanation for the missed payments, but Sheriff John Layton called RTV6 to say the Sheriff's Office would provide a partial payment to Indianapolis Fleet Services.

"We're doing our best to keep our heads above water," said Layton. "We will have to make some serious budget adjustments that may impact public safety."

Layton said he is putting together a commission to examine whether Indianapolis Fleet Services is the most economical option.

Layton said the Sheriff's Office and other agencies currently have no choice but to use Indianapolis Fleet Services for services such as oil changes.

"The mayor's office has control over all the money," said Layton.

Lotter told RTV6 the lack of payments could ultimately affect Fleet Services’ ability to provide services to city and county agencies.

City: Marion County Sheriff's Office $1M Behind On Bills

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