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San Diego Harbor Police Officer Hit in Eyes by Laser


One man was ticketed early Wednesday after pointing a green laser at a Harbor Police boat that was about a half mile off shore.

Four young men partying with a bonfire on the beach below Sunset Cliffs around midnight Wednesday when one of the men decided to point his green laser at a boat.

An officer on the Harbor Police boat was hit in the eyes by the powerful green laser coming from the beach.

The Harbor Police boat called in ground units and Harbor police moved into the area, scaled down cliffs and, after about 20 minutes, apprehended four young adults.

One of the men was found with the laser pointer and admitted to the crime.

He was issued a citation for the infraction.

The suspect said he didn?t realize the danger to those he shined the laser at and did not realize it was illegal, reported 10News.

One Harbor Police officer went to a local hospital to be checked out.

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