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Police Arrest Dad Who Drove With Kids on Hood


A Fort Wayne father is facing charges after he drove drunk with four children strapped to the hood of his car, police said.

Witnesses called 911 Monday night after they spotted a man and woman pull out of a liquor store parking lot with four children tied down with tow straps.

"They were strapped down with one of those straps you crank on a semi to hold down lumber. They were strapped with that thing, wiggling and wobbling down the street," said witness Tom Nowak.

The children -- 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old -- told WPTA-TV that the adults asked if they wanted to ride on the hood of the car and they thought it would be fun.

The man, who is the father of three of the children, was arrested on preliminary charges of driving while intoxicated.

Witnesses said he told police, "It was only 20 feet," and acted as if it were a joke.

The woman, who is the mother of one of the children, was taken into police custody.

The ex-wife of the man who was driving the car came to the scene. She told WPTA that she was "livid and in shock" and that she would be asking for full custody.

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