Minn. Trooper Injured at Mock Crash By Runaway Fire Engine

A state trooper suffered a leg injury at a mock accident at Detroit Lakes High School when an unmanned fire engine plowed into the staged scene. An EMS worker and two students were also hurt.

A mock crash staged near a high school as part of a pre-prom demonstration turned real after a unmanned Detroit Lakes fire engine accelerated down a street and into a car, injuring an EMS worker, a state trooper and two students Friday morning.

Engine 3 was parked on Madison Avenue as firefighters removed student actors from a vehicle when the apparatus suddenly moved forward before plowing into the rear of one of the mock crash vehicles, according to The Becker County Record.

A firefighter jumped into the engine and brought it to a stop, Fire Chief Dave Baer told the newspaper.

Baer said there was no reason the engine should have accelerated because it was in neutral and the emergency brake was on.

He said that state inspectors are coming to look at it as well as employees from a local repair shop.

A Minnesota State Patrol Trooper suffered an apparent leg injury in the incident that also injured an EMS worker and two students, Detroit Lakes Police Chief Tim Eggebraaten told The Record.




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