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Ga. Jail Employee Accused of Stealing Inmates' IDs

DECATUR, Ga. -- A DeKalb County Jail employee is out of a job and out on bond after investigators say she stole thousands of dollars from inmates.

Adriara Addison, 20, had only worked as a jail technician for a year. Addison was in charge of things like intake and monitoring inmates in hallways. It was a position that also gave her access to inmates’ personal information.

“We found that there was a scam here in which she was using our computer systems to get information on inmates -- their names, date of birth, and Social Security numbers,” Sgt. Adrion Bell told Channel 2’s Erin Coleman.

The investigation started because of a traffic stop over loud music. DeKalb police pulled over Addison’s boyfriend, Robbie Sims, accusing him of playing his music too loud and speeding through the Woodside Village Apartments in Stone Mountain. Sims was driving Addison’s car, and there was a warrant out for his arrest.

“She was told to just cease communication with him. Our investigation indicates she did not,” Bell said.

After searching her home, investigators said they found evidence that Addison was using the inmate information to file false tax returns and obtain fraudulent food stamp cards. They also found one inmate’s Social Security card and driver’s license. Officers believe she took that from the property room at the DeKalb Jail.

"It's hurtful to the organization but after you’ve been at this -- you learn we have to pluck the bad apples out and keep moving forward,” Bell said.

Addison and Sims both face two counts of fraudulent identity theft. But the investigation continues, and officers said there could be many more cases.

“We don’t know how many tax returns were actually sent out,” Bell said. “It could snowball. I’m not saying it will, but it could. We won’t know until the investigation is closed."

Addison's mother and stepfather both work at the DeKalb County Jail. Addison was released on $6,000 bond. Sims remains in the DeKalb County Jail on $14,000 bond.

Jail employee accused of stealing inmates' IDs

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